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Jardins de l'Arche | AWP |Arquitectura 3d

'jardins de l’arche' by AWP, paris, france image © AWP, sbda
all images courtesy AWP

Paris-based architecture firm AWP has won the competition to design and develop 'jardins de l'arche', a series of urban spaces within the la défense central business district of paris, France. Public plazas and follies placed between the grande arche and the seine-arche will generate an axial link. Covering an area of 30,000 square meters, the masterplan will be placed above the underground A14 route, metro line 1 and RER A. A continuous ramp reaching 600 meters in length will create a fluid movement between the arena 92 stadium, terrasses de nanterre, residences and hotel, passing by extensive gardens and small scale pavilions for multifunctional purposes.

view towards la défense
image © AWP, sbda

The new structures will provide an architectural continuity throughout the landscape merging the existing and new buildings.A large plaza and multiple kiosks will introduce a harmonious visual vocabulary which is also capable of withstanding tremendous crowds of visitors for events.
The fusion of spaces provide vegetated sanctuaries with the ability to activate different locations within the site.

ramps traversing the terraces
image © AWP, sbda

ramps cross over gardens
image © AWP, sbda

existing site conditions
image © juan m garrido

site plan
image © AWP, sbda

aerial map
image © AWP, sbda

continuous ramp

image © AWP, sbda

the gilles clement's garden
image © AWP, sbda

follies and small buildings
image © AWP, sbda

project info:
project: jardins de l’arche
location: la défense, paris, france
net floor area: 71 044 m2
type of project: public realm and follies
planned: 2011
client: epadesa
architects: AWP
project responsible: alessandra cianchetta, matthias armengaud
team AWP: marc armengaud, matthias armengaud, alessandra cianchetta irene bargués, juan garrido, miguel la parra knapman engineering / qs: ginger
lighting: 8’ 18’
environmental: AEU
competition: 2011 / preliminary studies ongoing
delivery: 2014

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