domingo, 12 de junio de 2011

U.S. Embassy in London | Morphosis | Arquitectura 3d

New U.S. Embassy in London

Location: London, United Kingdom
Client: United States State Department
Site Area:4.9 acres / 2.0 hectares
Size:430,557 gross sq ft / 39,999 gross sq m
Program: A consular section including a Grand Hall; a diplomatic area with Glass Dome, Gallery, Multi-purpose room and Main Lobby; and an administrative section with offices, conference rooms, cafeteria, terraces, recreation center and retail. The landscape design presents two new significant public plazas, a consular garden, and a formal courtyard, as well as multiple security measures to safeguard the building and its grounds.
Design:2009 - 2010

Project Credits: Morphosis Team
Design Director: Thom Mayne
Principal & Project Manager: Kim Groves
Lead Designer: Chandler Ahrens
Project Designer: Graham Ferrier Elizabeth Wendell
Project Team: Jon Cummings Josh Sprinkling John Carpenter

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